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The Dream Act clears the House, just 8 GOP'ers vote in favor -- including 3 from Florida

The House voted 216 to 198 to pass the Dream Act -- with just 8 Republicans voting in favor: including Miami's three Cuban-American lawmakers, Reps. Lincoln and Mario Diaz-Balart and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.

Now the bill faces an uphill climb in the Senate where activists today pressured Florida Republican George LeMieux to vote for the measure. He's said he won't without border security measures.

Mario Diaz-Balart voted for the measure -- but not without first blaming Democrats for failing "to fix our broken immigration system.

"The president promised to pass immigration reform in the first twelve months of his administration. Just another broken promise," Diaz-Balart said. "Instead of passing meaningful legislation to secure our borders, to protect our national security and address the millions of people who are here undocumented living among us; This Congress has refused to do so Madam Speaker. Now on the merits, those who stand to benefit from this bill include thousands of young adults who were raised in our country and really know no other country but America, they simply wish to pursue the American dream and have the opportunity to study, to work hard and to serve in our armed forces.

"They are exactly the type of people that we want in this, the United States of America. I therefore urge my colleagues to support this legislation today."

Other Florida Republicans -- including two said to be interested in challenging Bill Nelson for reelection in 2012 -- blasted the measure: "Amnesty rewards people who break our laws, and encourages more illegal immigration," said Sarasota Republican Rep. Vern Buchanan. "Instead of granting amnesty, Congress should secure the border and make English the official language."

Said Rep. Connie Mack, R-Cape Coral: "What we shouldn't be doing ... is passing legislation that gives individuals who are living in this country the same benefits provided to U.S. citizens. The Senate should scrap the Dream Act and Congress should get to work on improving border security and enforcement."


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Diet Coke


Tone Loc

just walk right in EVERYONE !!!!

This is unbelieveable !!!!

George Fuller

The proper name would be

the Ream Act to Americans.

The Dems have run this Congress like we're a third world country........wait....financially we are!

west coaster

Comments such as the three above make me wonder about the public education system in Florida. Is the constitution not taught? Is American history ignored.

janie wienke

You all need to review your history. The true Americans are the indians and I don't hear them complaining about illegals. Another thing, this land used to belong to Mexico. Now the hispanics are quickly becoming the majority. So all of you will be the ones that need to go back where you came from.including me. I am definitely for the Dream Act. I'd like to see some of you take on labor work. Hispanics are hard workers and don't mind getting a little dirt in their hands.

Joseph Morton

It is not surprising Cuban Americans voted for the Dream Act; they do not want to threaten the enormous number of Cubans, both illegals and legals, that get a free ride into the U.S. Cubans, both legals and illegals, get free food, social services, cash, resettlement money, instate tuition at universities, are not arrested when entering the U.S. illegally, cannot be deported, even the criminals, as over 29000 who have been convicted are still here and only a few are in jail. The immediately get a work permit, social security card and take jobs American should have.In 2008, 49,000 Cubans were given green cards, including illegals.Over 4000 Cubans in the U.S. that are collecting disability payments are in danger of losing them because, after 7 years, they still cannot speak English. Instead of learning the language, they protest the requirement. Mario Diaz Balart wants to close the borders to illegals, but I bet he does not want to deny entrance into the U.S. for those Cubans who show up at the Mexican border and get into the U.S. immediately. I am in favor of the Dream Act, and I am also in favor of treating all illegals equally, not giving preferential treatment, and millions of dollars, to Cubans, much of it a total waste or the result of corruption. Cubans who are given authorization to come to the U.S., and get a green card after a year and a day, can return to Cuba, while American citizens cannot. In 2009, 245,000 Cuban Americans visited the Island, most of them Cuban Americans, so there is little import that those illegal Cubans coming here are political refugees since they would hardly return for visits if this were true. Will Connie Mack and/or Vern Buchanan, who voted against the Dream Act, will vote to repeal the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966 to stop this invasion of Cubans?

Carol Strachan

I completely agree with Janie. Apparently either all you complainers are Indians or you are totally stupid about where your family may have come from. She is also correct in the work that Hispanics and African Americans do out in our agricultural fields, groves and orchards. They keep our lawns looking great and I would like to know how many of you are actually willing to do this work if it is all there is. How many of you would work 8 to 10 hours a day in a poultry facility?

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