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The White House: Charlie Crist is with us on the tax deal

The White House is using outgoing Gov. Charlie Crist's support for President Obama's tax deal in its PR campaign, sending out his statement of support minutes after the guv sent his:

"I have a unique appreciation for leaders who are willing to put aside partisan politics in order to focus on what is best for the people," Crist said. "I commend President Obama for working to secure an agreement that will give our economy the support it needs to continue on the path to recovery.  I call on Congress to act quickly and prevent a tax increase for Floridians and all Americans."

Crist's embrace of Obama's stimulus plan, some may recall, started his slide from the GOP.


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denny Wood

Our number one Americans with Disabilities Act violator, Crist, is really sucking up to the Obama Administration. Suck ups like Bush and Crist have it made at the Department of Justice, who have been too busy to sue Crist for the ADA barriers throught the capitol building and other state buildings. The aging ADA Capitol Report at www.dignity4disabled.com was passed from Bush to Crist and now to Scott. When Obama finds a place for Crist in the administration this is one person who will help bring Obama down in the next election. Is this president really so obtuse about Crist, who would sell his soul for personal gain? Denny Wood

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