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Thrasher reject's Scott's appeals to remain as RPOF chairman

John Thrasher For weeks, Gov.-elect Rick Scott has been urging state Sen. John Thrasher of Jacksonville to remain as chairman of the Republican Party of Florida, serving as Scott's crucial liasion to the party rank-and-file and the Tallahassee establishment. Today, Thrasher today finally formally told him "no."

"I will leave on Jan. 15,'' Thrasher said. "We've had conversations with our staff and the governor's for several weeks." Despite entreaties from the new governor Thrasher told him: "I made it very clear I won't stay. That's what I said when I took the job."

Thrasher was ushered in as a temporary chairman in February after former RPOF chair Jim Greer was forced to resign. Greer has since been indicted by a statewide grand jury on charges that he stole $125,000 from the party through the use of a shell company. But when Scott won the primary against Attorney General Bill McCollum, running against the party establishment and promising no more politics as usual, Thrasher arrived at Scott's Fort Lauderdale headquarters and was the first to offer an olive branch.

When Scott won, he reached out to Thrasher to remain on the job as a handful of officials from county executive committees started skirmishing for the title. Among them is Sarasota County Republican Party Chairman Joe Gruters, an early Scott supporter, Pinellas County State Committeeman Tony DiMatteo, Jefferson County State Committeeman Dave Bitner, Palm Beach County chairman Sid Dinerstein, and Deborah Cox-Roush, vice chairman of the state party and chairman of the Hillsborough Republican Party.

Now Scott is expected to let the party's rank and file choose Thrasher's successor without his influence at the party's annual meeting on Jan. 15. Thrasher was the favorite of the Tallahassee lobbying corps and several close advisors to Scott who are urging Scott to hand-pick the party chairman like most Democrat and Republican governors have done in the recent past. The party's allegiance to the governor can serve him well in a re-election campaign and in assuring party contributors they have his ear.

The next party chair will also be influential when Florida hosts the Republican National Convention in 
2012 and as the Legislature goes through its once-in-a-decade redrawing of state and federal political boundaries during redistricting.



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don cunningham

My Wife and I have known Joe Gruters for many years here in Sarasota, during which time we have been part of the Sarasota County Republican Executive Committee.
Joe has done an extraordinary job as Chairman of the Sarasota Republican Party, with some of the best results in the State. He is gifted to be able to effectively pull together and work with a wide cross-section of different ideological groups that have similar Republican core values. He does this smoothly and with high personal and professional integrity.
He is very open in considering diverse opinions and uses good practical sense in developing excellent consensus decisions. No one in the County works harder to arrange rallies and to promote Republican values, with the result that it was a Republican sweep in our County last election.
He is quoted with high regard in the local media and is a highly respected County leader. We believe he would excel as Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida.
Don & Rita Cunningham


Joe Gruters is the only candidate for the Chairmanship of the Republican Party of Florida under 55 years of age.

Joe walks the walk & talks the talk. He is the new blood of the Republican Party. His leadership qualities have invigorated the Sarasota Republicans & led them to a unqualified success in the recent election.

I'd like to quote Joe in his YouTube posting of today, "As an accountant by trade I will implement strict fiscal controls within our organization. I will be a frugal chairman and with your help we will create an open & transparent organization & we will return to the core principles we believe in. Together we restore faith & trust back to the party."

See for yourself:

Please research Joe Gruters & see what his leadership will mean to the RPOF. I believe you will come to the same conclusion I have. Florida leads the nation, electing Rick Scott, Jennifer Carroll, & Marco Rubio is only a start.


Website: http://www.JoeGruters.com

Facebook: Facebook.com/JoeGrutersFL

Twitter: Twitter.com/JoeGruters

Paul A Cajka

Joe Gruters is the best choice to serve as RPOF Chair for the challenging election cycle ahead in 2012. Florida is a swing state that will draw inordinate levels of interest from Democrats in and out of the state. The GOP has to be ready to confront the Obama/Nelson/Dem juggernaut, not run away to safe precincts. As RPOS Chairman, Joe Gruters has encouraged confronting the strong Dem districts and unseating ensconced Dem legislators. Joe is the strong, innovative leader Florida's GOP needs.

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