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Vouchers for everyone?

 Florida Gov.-elect Rick Scott on Thursday blew the door wide open to the idea of a voucherlike program for all students, saying he's working with lawmakers to allow state education dollars to follow a student to the school his or her parents choose.

He did not use the term vouchers. Others called it an "education savings account."

But whatever it's called, the incoming governor, key lawmakers and a foundation tied to former Gov. Jeb Bush are setting the stage for Florida to consider one of the most radical education ideas that it — or arguably any state — has ever considered.

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George Fuller

We have to something.......out of 34 countries the US students came in 26th in math and science.....sad......



joe blow

you are a mental troll!
It's the REPIGLICANS in Tally who have made a mess of things.
They've been in control for the past twelve years.
But it's all about the money. You didn't really think these crooks could care less about the kids do ya?

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