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Alcee Hastings calls for stronger gun control laws in wake of Miami-Dade cop shooting

Rep. Alcee L. Hastings decried the shooting death of two Miami-Dade police officers today -- saying the "tragic and senseless deaths " underscore the need for stronger gun control measures.

"The lessons learned from this shooting, and that of the tragedy in Tucson, are staring us in the face and we need to take action to address the ludicrous availability of guns in this country," said Hastings, a co-sponsor of H.R. 263, the Fire Sale Loophole Closing Act introduced by Congressman Gary Ackerman and H.R. 308, the Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device Act introduced by Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy.   




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What a joke

I'm not sure if Mr Hastings is aware, but last I checked there are several laws that prevent criminals from possessing firearms. The problem is that these people are criminals and the break laws. Maybe he should focus on keeping career criminals locked up.


I agree with the comment above! No amount of gun restriction is going to keep guns out of criminal's hands. Only the law abiding citizens will be stuck with the additional red tape!!

American citizen

Why do you, as a politition/lawmaker, what to INFRINGE on our, (law abiding citizens), 2nd amendment rights?

You say, because some criminal monster shot and killed two police officers in the line of duty.
( may they rest in peace )

Law enforcement is a dangerous job, and those 2 officers were surly armed to protect themselves and the public. It is a tragic loss, and unfortunately these murders,(BTW - murder is already a capitol offense), will never stop. Humans have been murdering each other since the dawn of time. (before guns, even). And you are naive to believe that more restrictions on gun ownership, will stop or lower the murder rate. It won't -

FREE Citizens of the USA have the right to protect themselves (with a gun) from criminal monsters.

your introduction of restrictive legislation is not only wrong, but would only serve to further restrict a constitutionally guaranteed right to bear arms of law abiding citizens and embolden criminals everywhere.

Stop trying to criminalize law abiding citizens, stop trying to legislate our right to defend our lives, and that of our loved ones.

Your constituents are not in favor of you bringing our nation less freedom.

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