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Anderson Cooper calls Miami lawmaker 'adamantly inaccurate' on doctors and guns bill

State Rep. Frank Artiles, a Miami Republican, has made national television -- and probably not in a way he's happy about.

Artiles appeared on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 show Tuesday night to discuss a bill he has co-sponsored stopping doctors from asking patients whether they own guns (pediatricians sometimes ask the question to discuss gun safety around children, for example). National TV before the Legislative session even starts -- cool, right? Except Artiles apparently told host Anderson Cooper that the law would not make it illegal for doctors to ask about gun ownership, only to refuse or base their treatment on the answer to that question.

That made Cooper follow up by reading the bill -- and discussing it again Wednesday night in his "Keeping Them Honest" segment. This time, neither Artiles nor the lawmaker who introduced the bill, state Rep. Jason Brodeur, R-Sanford, would go on camera, but Cooper said both confirmed on the phone that, in fact, the law would prohibit doctors from asking patients or their families about gun ownership.

"As for why he was so adamantly inaccurate about it last night, we'll let you be the judge of that," Cooper said of Artiles.

See the videos after the jump.

From Tuesday night:

From Wednesday night:


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J Miller

Doctors don't have the right to collect information about gun ownership.

Doctors don't need to ask about gun ownership, if they want to give information about gun safety, that's fine by me. Why is Anderson Cooper so adamant that a doctor should ask about gun ownership, pool ownership or even car seats. Let the doctors give what information they want to their patients, but they don't need to be an information collection agent.

Under Obamacare, medical records could end up in a medical database. How long before those are open records? Granted, it would probably be years, decades even, but this is a slippery slope.

west coaster

Mr. Miller, your medical records are already in numerous databases.

Reggie Henderson

Although I am totally with Anderson Cooper on his criticism of this ridiculous law and that Frank Artiles is an idiot. I also feel that Anderson Cooper was unfair to Frank Artiles. Rep. Artiles clearly said that the law did not prevent doctors from talking to parents about gun safety. You can talk to parents about gun safety without asking them if they have a gun. It would be kind of stupid, but it can be done. Rep. Artiles did not deny that the bill would make it illegal for doctors to ask if the parents owned a gun. I think Mr. Cooper was very unfair and attempted to be misleading on the second night. Although he did play the videotape so viewers could see for themselves that Rep. Artiles did not deny that bill was to make it illegal for doctors to ask parents if they owned a gun. Mr. Cooper seemed to adamantly state that Rep. Artiles did deny that.

Reggie Henderson

after listening again, i see that Rep. Artiles did mischaracterize the bill, he did not confirm that the bill made it illegal for doctors to ask if the parents had a gun, he said it made it illegal for doctors to refuse treatment if parents refused to answer the question. So... maybe Anderson was right, Rep. Artiles tried to defend his bill by saying it was something that it wasn't.


Should Anderson Cooper at least know how to pronounce Ocala before he goes criticizing proposed laws in Florida?

Maybe if doctors were denying abortion services (instead of pediatric care) to people who had guns in the home, the looney left would be on board with this bill.


Once again, the Republicans and Frank Artiles want the Florida government in the doctors office. Expanding the power of the state...wow. Republicans want to make florida into a dictatorship. Oh, SB 1246 would also make it illegal to take pictures of farms.... Thanks Republicans...

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