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At Hispanics' conference, Tim Pawlenty skirts immigration

Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, a potential 2012 Republican presidential contender, spoke at a conference for Hispanic conservatives Friday but mostly skirted the controversial issue of immigration reform.

Pawlenty, speaking to a small but engaged audience at the Hispanic Leadership Network conference in Coral Gables, addressed the need for job growth, mainly through educational reform, a topic many Hispanics care about. But only at the end of his 20-minute speech did he touch on immigration, without going into specifics.

"We need to start the discussion with the notion that the rule of law is a cornerstone tenet for our nation," he said, adding that broad swaths of the country cannot be "nodding or winking" at the law, presumably a reference to the millions of illegal immigrants in the U.S.

"The system needs to be legal and reasonable and orderly and that's now what we have now," Pawlenty added, without suggesting how to fix it.

Pawlenty is on a national tour promoting his book and, if his Coral Gables speech is any indication, trying to give conservatives a narrative of his background -- of paramount importance to possible presidential candidates -- as the son of a truck driver and a homemaker who died when he was 16 years old.

On education, Pawlenty praised the recent, pro-charter school film Waiting for Superman, and referred to Michelle Rhee, a Democrat and educational adviser to Gov. Rick Scott, as a "superwoman."


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George Fuller

Pawlenty is an also ran.......

Reinaldo Valdes

Unfortunatly the GOP Conservative conference fails to address the needs of the Hispanic Community and continuos to be non-inclusive. The GOP Leadership acknowledges the fact that the hispanic vote is more relevant and important specially for the expectation of presidential campaign victory of 2012. It was a very good turn out at the Biltmore Hotel if you just WANT TO CONTINUE TO APPEAL TO THE ULTRA RIGTH CONSERVATIVE HISPANICS. Miami-Dade County has a lot more than 600 hundred people epected to show to the conference. GOP is going to have to stop putting down hispanics as free loaders in this country. Star by RESOLVING the Undocumented situation not criminalizing those who did not and have not commited a crime AFTER LIVING IN THIS COUNTRY FOR MANY YEARS. BEGIN by passing The DREAM ACT, IT FAILED IN THE SENATE BY LACK OF FIVE VOTES----tHE HOUSE AND SENATE VOTES WERE ALL ALONG POLITICAL LINES-DO YOU REALIZE THE FATHER OF ALL OUR SUCCESFUL AND CURRENT IMMIGRATION LAWS AND THE DREAM ACT is our Ethical and Integral Congressman HONORABLE Licoln Diaz-Balart, respectfully, HES> REPRESENTATIVES for FLORIDA have always kept their word and voted YES. Something to learn from Senator Cornyn, Lamar Smith, Gingry, Pawlenty and the rest. Yes, stop the POLITICS and do the right thing..Stop Passing the BUCK.


The Dream Act is a devious Democrat strategy. It's proponents know that it would be the crack in the dike for a massive, general amnesty. Just as the last amnesty (IRCA, 1986) was followed by 245(i) and Extension of 245(i) to include the extended families of amnesty beneficiaries, such laws will quickly follow a Dream Act. It will cause more problems than it solves, for all student illegal aliens have parents and brothers and sister. Democrats will claim "cruelty" to try to make the students' support base go back to their homeland. No amnesty of any kind, especially those devious ones with double-speak names such as "Dream Act," should be passed into law. We are living in hard times and importing up to 20 million third world, welfare-dependent peons will ruin this country's economy.

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