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Biden meets with Haitian-Americans at the White House amid calls to stop deportations

A group of Haitian-Americans -- many of whom are frustrated by the pace of reconstruction and continuing post-election chaos -- met today at the White House with administration officials, including vice president Joe Biden.

The White House says Biden discussed the U.S.'s "lasting commitment to Haiti. The Vice President underscored the important work the United States and our international partners have engaged upon in partnership with the Haitian people since last year's devastating earthquake.

"The Vice President and the Haitian-American leaders were joined by a team of senior U.S. government officials who discussed the whole-of-government U.S. effort relating to Haiti and the unprecedented challenges that remain for recovery and reconstruction efforts."

Six civil and human rights groups filed an emergency petition with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to stop the deportations of hundreds of Haitian nationals. And the Miami Herald today urged the administration to allow the 55,000 Haitians who have U.S. visas approved before the quake to join their families in the U.S. The editorial points out that U.S. officials are opening a door to Cuban spouses and minor children of legal Cuban immigrants here after a months-long delay.

"Why the double standard?" the editorial board asked.


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Are the Nationals here illegally?


Guess who the Haitian Nationals are?

Convicts......who have served their sentences.....and these idiots want to turn them loose on our streets.....

I can't believe the VP would sit down to discuss whether convicts should be sent back to Jaiti!

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