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Bill Nelson asks Justice for help thwarting cop-killing fugitives

In the wake of the deaths of four Florida law enforcement officers, Bill Nelson is asking the U.S. Justice Department to consider giving hand-held radar or heat-detecting devices that can penetrate walls to deputized federal agents when they have warrants and are on dangerous manhunts. 

In a letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, Nelson asked whether such new technologies - including so-called "sense-through-the-wall" devices, developed for use by the U.S. military - should be among the tools provided to agents of federal task forces when they have warrants to apprehend felons considered armed and dangerous. 

Nelson says he’d be willing to sponsor legislation to create a pilot program. New technologies "could greatly shift the odds in favor of the good guys, before they have to enter a building where a fugitive is hiding out," Nelson wrote.

Nelson’s request come after the shooting deaths of two police officers in Miami, and two in St. Petersburg. All were killed while trying to arrest fugitives.