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Connie Mack on "Baby Doc:" I think he's up to no good

The Fort Myers Republican (potential Senate candidate) and chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Western Hemisphere subcommittee acknowledged Tuesday on MSNBC's Morning Joe that, "we don't know what's going on in Haiti.

"I mean there's been so much corruption in Haiti. Obviously after the tragic events in Haiti, there was a lot of outpouring of support from this country, from the citizens of this country. But we're not seeing it being managed properly and we're not seeing that we're getting the results that we want.

"And now you've got the former dictator that's come back to the country. You can't tell me that he's back there just to go see some friends. I think he's up to no good."


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Baby Doc is "up to no good". In other news, Angelina Jolie is "kinda cute", and Buffalo is "gets a little cold."


Surprised nobody on Morning Joe followed up with "you know, Baby Doc's already spent more time in his home country than Connie's spent in his home district this year".


@patriot LOL. That wouldn't go over well, eh?


Dont be a hater. Connie mack has done a great job for Florida, and he is right on this.

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