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David Rivera's other problem?

U.S. Rep. David Rivera may have another worry aside from state and local criminal investigations into his finances: His longtime opponents and rivals in Miami-Dade Republican circles.

Rivera has acquired a lot of them over the years, starting with former colleague and state Rep. J.C. Planas, a Westchester Republican who squabbled often with the sharp-tongued and crafty Rivera over the years. Planas said unnamed supporters and Republicans have asked him to run. And he might.

"We need representation from someone who doesn't have a cloud over his head," said Planas.

A big name and one-time political opponent in 2010, state Sen. Anitere Flores, isn't dampening speculation about a bid: "No comment on Congress," she said in a text message. "Right now, I'm focused on serving my constituents from the state senate." A good number of those constituents in Senate District 38 (which Rivera and Flores were both vying for before he ran for Congress last yeat) just happen to live in Congressional District 25. The battle between the two was shaping up to be a slug-fest. Maybe it was postponed till 2012.

Another big Miami-Dade name, state Sen. Miguel Diaz de la Portilla, has been whispered about as well. He said he wasn't thinking about running for Congress (or the state Senate presidency for that matter). But he didn't say he wouldn't run for the office, either. Diaz de la Portilla's younger brother, Alex, was a state senator before him (and ran briefly for state committeeman against Rivera in 2008) and his youngest brother, Renier, is a school-board member. Can you say name ID?

Another school board member, Carlos Curbelo, ran against Rivera for Miami-Dade Republican chairman and lost by only one vote. A former campaign aide for the former congressman who held the seat, Mario Diaz Balart, Curbelo is playing the most coy of the three.


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Rivera, the new hen in the hen house

Hey Rivera... think back... to all the people you have hurt. Either because you wanted to get rid of them or because they dared to cross you. Well, guess what - your chickens are coming home to roost. Bwaaaaark, bwaark, bwaark, bwaark, bwaark, bwaark. Hahahaha.

Can't wait to see you on the side of the road in a work crew, sportin stripes! I'll be sure to honk.

No Me Gusta Marco y David



Hahaha......all punks. The only repubicans asking Planas to run are his parents and small circle of losers. Rivera spanked them all.

George Fuller

In the whole bunch there is not one that is pro enforcement when it comes to immigration.

In fact, Flores is probably as radical or more radical than the others.......

Only in America do you get the govt to pay your way while the whole time you oppose the policies.

Rivera, the new hen in the hen house

Yo "voter" the real question is... what big dude is going to "spank" Rivera in prison???

The Truth Will set you free

What about all the payments he made to credit union accounts in 2004 when he had no opponent?

Farm Ted

12:26......Rivera won't do time, which I am sure the Planas, Llorente, Villalobos crew would love to see. Rivera blew all these guys up while in tallahassee.

Jesse Helms

EVen the National Review was complaining about Rivera before he got elected.


Oh Well

milos of croton

All these losers had there chance to run and they each chickened out. Rivera won and now they're jealous. typical Cubans trying to tear down there own. its part of their character to fight with one another. everyone wants to be chief and nobody wants to be the indian. everyone's his own one man caudillo. just a few months ago Planas, Curbelo, Flores and de la Portilla all could have run for Congress, but they did not. why? what did they lack? they should think about their own lack of character before they accuse Rivera. Garcia lost but at least he ran.

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