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Democrats launch 2012 offensive -- highlighting investigation into David Rivera

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is taking aim at David Rivera with a radio ad that takes note of the investigation into his finances.

"Did you know Congressman David Rivera is under criminal investigation for receiving secret payments from his mother’s company?" asks the ad that starts today during drive time. "Tell Rivera to come clean so he can finally get to work for us."

The DCCC says the ad is part of part of a flurry of web ads, automated phone calls, live phone calls, and e-mails in several targeted districts.

The Washington Post notes the DCCC is targeting 19 GOP incumbents, including Rivera and Allen West -- mostly members who represent districts that President Obama won in 2008.

The robo call even pulls Marco Rubio into the fray: "Hi, this is ___________.  Did you see the Miami Herald story about Congressman David Rivera receiving secret payments from his mother’s company?  The Miami-Dade Police Department and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement are investigating Rivera for it.

"This is just the latest David Rivera scandal: he drove a truck off the road that carried campaign literature from his opponent – and he lied about it. Rivera and Marco Rubio’s home was foreclosed on – and he lied about it.  Rivera said his income came from government contract – he even lied about that too.

"Rivera should be focused on creating jobs, not paying his lawyers. Call Congressman David
Rivera and tell him to come clean. Paid for by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, 202-741-1350, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee."


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What democrats are going to run? Rivera is much safer then West, who is totally crazy. Then again, Rivera is a crook, so he's probably beatable. Maybe Joe Garcia will run again...I mean he quit a job w the administration to run, so maybe the 3rd time's a charm. Jeremy Ring should run against West. He has the money, is young & smart. He could beat West who only won bc of the Republican wave & his insane rhetoric. West is very, very beatable, especially in a presidential year, when everyone votes.

Farm Ted

doubtful that Rivera will lose to any democrat. The DCCC is so out of touch with the voters of that district.


Rivera can't win a re elect unless another wave happens in 2012 which is pretty unlikely. All CD 25 needs is a strong Dem candidate and this one is in the bag.

Robert Jenkins

Can you serve in Congress from a prison cell? Perhaps a direct link to C-SPAn, would help. Work release? Perhaps a work release office at Flaggler, with a direct link to C-SPAN; and an ankle braclet.

milos of croton

Wow. One ad on a Tuesday that nobody heard. a single $300 ad buy 2 years before the next election. everyone who voted for Rivera speaks Spanish anyway. DCCC wasted their money.

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