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Frederica Wilson calls on the Obama administration to stop deporting Haitians

The Miami Democrat and the American Civil Liberties Union are calling on the White House to stop deporting Haitians until their safety and freedom can be guaranteed.

"Current political instability, widespread human rights abuses, and the cholera outbreak make conditions on the ground too risky for Haitians to return safely,"Wilson said. "I urge the Administration to do the right thing and halt deportations at this time."

Wilson and the ACLU in December had asked the administration to continue the suspension of deportation of Haitians in light of human rights and humanitarian concerns and the "raging cholera epidemic that has taken hold in that country."   


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Feel sorry for you...

What if they come & they're already sick? Freddy, why don't you spend more time trying to get you'r district back to work, or do something about the huge foreclosure problem your district is facing? I don't know why the people voted for her. She's just pandering to Hatians, bc she's scared Moise will run again & beat her. She has no intellectual curiosity & never passed any substantial legislation. This district will continue to suffer until someone serious runs & the voters of that district realize that when you elect a microphone you don't get any progress. She's such a joke, I don't even feel bad for that district bc they continue on the path of electing the most popular person, not the most qualified. All she wanted was a better job then state senator (which she would have been termed out of, & jobless. Then what could she have done? Maybe a teacher, maybe. I don't think she qualified to do anything anymore)...got a huge raise from $40k to over $110k. Voters if that district need to wake up & start electing people that can do a good job for them, not someone who's first piece of business was figuring out if she could wear her stupid hats. WAKE UP!

Concerned Citizen12

I know most citizens from other countries are not deported on a unilateral basis. I am glad my ancestors were allowed to come here so I would have the right to attempt to be a productive member of society. Thank you Rep. Wilson for trying to provide equal opportunities for all.

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