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Frederica Wilson scores an aisle seat, thanks to a big hat

The Miami Democrat scored one of the seats that Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen usually claims for the annual State of the Union -- on the aisle, in the arriving president's hugging and kissing range.

News reports -- and Twitter -- say Wilson strolled into the chamber around 7 to hold her hat with a big red, sparkly cowboy hat. She didn't wear the hat on the floor, as House rules forbid it. Cameras caught her sans hat, hugging the president.

Ros-Lehtinen had to skip the State of the Union; she elected to stay in Miami with her ailing mother. But she did give the Spanish language response to the speech. One of her first hearings as chair of international relations went on her without her as well -- but speakers had no trouble carrying her message -- that UN funding should be cut.


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Steven Czonstka

All hat! No cattle!

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