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Frederica Wilson takes oath sans hat, Allen West joins the Congressional Black Caucus

Frederica Wilson took to the floor of the House Wednesday in a dark suit trimmed in red sparkles -- but without its matching red-sequined hat.

Freddy hat

The Miami Democrat renown for her penchant for wearing hats took off the cowboy chapeau in deference to House rules. She's said she still wants to wear her hat on the House floor, but will wait to pursue the matter. She is, however, likely to wear the hat for today's ceremonial swearing-in -- that one isn't done on the House floor.

But the hat made the trip to the Capitol: a staffer carried it and Wilson was snapped wearing it at the Congressional Black Caucus swearing-in, where she sat next to Republican Allen West who became the first Republican since the 1990s to join the heavily-Democratic caucus. West told the Washington Post it was a " 'great day', but also acknowledged that he may be at odds with other members of the caucus.

"You bring a different perspective, but I think we're all working toward the same end, which is what is best for our country and within the African-American community," West said.


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Allen West Does Not Support what is Best for African Americans rather he Kowtows to the White Good Ole Boy network prevalent in his district.
Remember this is a man who said that Institutional Racism is dead yet he lives in a County where twice as many blacks are incarcerated for drug related crimes than whites, and that's just the way many of his supporters like it.
They have no problem with paying for locking up black folk but can't stand the thought of giving them a helping hand to even the playing field or alleviate racial disparity.
Sell Out


Is this the "In Black Folks News" section.....


The number one correlation for incarceration is FATHERLESSNESS. Children born out of wedlock and without their father around as they're growing up are at dramatically higher risk for drug addiction, teenage pregnancy, dropping out of high school, and crime. This holds true across all races and all income brackets. It just happens that unwed motherhood is higher in the black community, therefore the problems associated with fatherlessness are higher as well.

If you're looking for a villain behind there being so many young black men in prison, blame the welfare policies enacted by DEMOCRATS that have incentivized single motherhood and destroyed black families!

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