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Gov. Scott wants to scrutinize SunRail, other contracts

Florida Gov. Rick Scott has slammed the brakes on Central Florida's $1.2 billion SunRail project, putting a hold on $235 million in contracts for the project. Those contracts, flagged as "urgent" by the Florida Department of Transportation, include $168 million to design and build the first phase of the line and $39 million to buy cars, according to documents released late Friday by the governor's office.

An executive order issued by Scott immedately after taking the oath of office froze 900 regulations working their way towards approval and hundreds of contracts worth more than $1 million each until he could give them his ok. Scott has pledged to eliminate "job-killing" regulations. So far, he hasn't rejected any regulations, but has only approved about two dozen.

The SunRail contracts are among the first targeted by the governor for further scrutiny. He also wants to take a closer look at 26 contracts including $1.2 million for a wastewater project in Columbia County, $18 million for outpatient diagnostic imaging services, $1.2 million to add energy-savings features to an FDLE building, $1.3 million to put solar panels on state buildings, and $4.5 million for pharmaceutical devices used for birth control.


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This is good government. About time we had someone up there that is not a rubber stamp.

Lynda Ehrich

The high-speed rail has been debated for years. I used to be for it, because I felt it would make better jobs more accessible for those of us who live in counties (such as Brevard). You know, the way New Jerseyans commute to midtown Manhattan. But the economy is an absolute mess. If there are no jobs to commute to, there is no point in building the rail.

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