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Haridopolos schedules meeting on immigration

Senate President Mike Haridopolos announced today that he has scheduled a meeting on immigration for Jan. 10 at 3 p.m. The meeting will be led by Sen. Anita Flores, chair of the senate judiciary committee, and focus on "information-gathering," according to a news release. "It is critical that senators collect information in a comprehensive and dispassionate manner before debating the complexities of immigration policy," Sen. Hardipolos said in a prepared statement. "My goal is for facts, rather than feelings, to guide us through this process."

Already multiple bills have been filed on the topic. They include a proposal by Republican Sen. Mike Bennett that would require law enforcement officers to request citizenship information under certain circumstances; bills from Democratic Sen. Gary Siplin and Democratic Rep. Dwight Bullard that would give in-state tuition to some undocumented students; and a bill from Republican Sen. Nancy Detert that would prohibit state agencies from contracting with busnesses that don't participate in a program to verify its workers are legal.

Bennett's bill says that if a law enforcement officer stops someone and has "reasonable suspicion" that the person is unlawfully in the U.S., a "reasonable attempt" shall be made to check immigration status. The bill also requires anyone arrested to have immigration checked before release.


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thank God. Real conservatives are finally in charge of immigration reform.

Shane Cantu

I live in Nevada and if you pull up state statistics it says white caucasions still are the majority in nevadas towns. I live in Mesquite, NV and it says only 3% of the town is Hispanic. I did a report for my college a couple months back and went to every business in town. 17 Hispanics work for every 1 causasion that works at the casinos and bars and stores in this town and construction. SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE, I PERSONALLY AM OUTRAGED AT THIS.



k valdez

I'd like to hear his thoughts on the eb-5 visa program. I bet he would doubt its job creating ability.


I strongly approved of our Senate to place order in Florida. The issue of illegal has done more than promote modern slavery, stolen Puerto Ricans birth certificate impersonating Spanish speaking Americans is a national security issue. Everyone needs to be check and I will offer myself to be first.

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