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Hillary Clinton to head to Haiti

With the country still convulsing from a chaotic election in November and no new president yet determined, the State Department says Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will travel to Haiti Sunday "to consult with members of civil society, political actors, Haiti’s president and international partners on the ongoing electoral situation as well as reconstruction efforts. "

The U.S. is trying to get Haiti to accept the results of a survey by the Organization of American States and drop the government-backed candidate as it proceeds to a second round of voting.

State says that in addition to meeting with Haitian President Rene Preval, Clinton will also meet with leaders of civil society and electoral candidates, the Special Representative of the United Nations and visit a cholera treatment clinic. 

"The United States and Haiti share the mutual commitment to building Haiti anew after the devastating earthquake one year ago, and to ensure a strong future for Haiti’s people and its democracy," the State Department said.


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Since when Hilary Clinton care about democracy in Haiti. If she had any compassion at all, she would have made an effort to stop the fraudulently done past elections. It was obvious how the elections were unfolding yet nobody did anything.

Jess Wonderin'

Hey Hillary, the Jasmine Revolution is on your watch. Pay attention to the big stuff.....



Hillary, You will receive a Warm Welcome in Haiti. Haitians have NOT forgotten who(bill) came immediately to Haiti in their time of Need and who raised Millions for the Relief Effort. Bill Clinton has Rcok Start Status in Haiti. Enjoy your Trip and hope you have a lot of Success.


Hey, Marjorie, try to prove people wrong when they say: You are Dumb and Stupid.
am just saying...


Will she be meeting with Duvalier?

Francois Duvalier

The Haitian people need to deport that monster guy named Preval to Africa. That low life is nothing but a thief. He needs to go joining the ugliest guy named Aristid!!

Kathryn McCullough

Given the abundance of negative news about Haiti, I think it's also important to focus on positive developments coming out of Port-au-Prince. A recent post to my blog tries to make that shift--"Stumping for Haitian Art: Gorgeous Gardens in Port-au-Prince."
blogging from Haiti,
Kathryn McCullough

David Doerr

When a nation is beset by an earthquake and the people are left squatting in tents through an entire hurricane season, with no rescue from the wealthy nations of the world, and then those nations experience indescribable flooding, record snowfall and record low temperatures, a person must reflect on what that means. Perhaps the sooner pre-fabricated walls are constructed to protect the upwards of one million tent dwellers from the threat of hurricanes, the weather will suddenly become mild in Australia, England and the United States. Is that possible on a planet whose King is God? If nations try sometime, they just might find positive solutions.

David Doerr

For those of you who don't know much regarding Hillary Clinton, I would mention that Mrs. Clinton and her husband, in their youth, sought to help the election campaign of George McGovern. This latter gentleman was genuinely concerned about the plight of the down-trodden.
He would have done whatever was possible to help in order to solve the problems of this world - and of Haiti - if he had become president of the United States. However, the people of this nation rejected this person who would have ceaselessly sought to forge positive change. If Mrs. Clinton has become more cynical over the years, it might be that she saw the support for positive social action erode, as people turned to their t.v. sets, rather than listening to the Spirit that exists within us.

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