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Introducing PolitiFact Florida's Scott-O-Meter

Rick Scott launched his campaign for governor in April with a single promise — to remake state government. Nine months, nearly $75 million and 2.6 million votes later, the enormity of what he meant is coming into focus. Scott, 58, will be sworn in as Florida's 45th governor Tuesday — the crescendo of an improbable and rapid political ascent. He enters office with big ambitions and dozens of campaign promises, starting with that first one. PolitiFact Florida unveils its Scott-O-Meter today to keep track. The Scott-O-Meter will analyze each promise — so far we've found 56 — and rate whether it was kept, broken or altered as part of a compromise. Those ratings will be tallied on our website, creating an up-to-the-minute and evolving report card on Scott's administration. Read more about Scott's promises and check out our database here.


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Strunk N. White

"Enormity" does not mean large. It mean "excessive wickedness." You might want to learn the definition of words before you write them for a living.


So, did you have a Crist-O-Meter, a Jeb-O-Meter, or any other governors. How about a Sink-O-Meter for the job she did writing all those checks for that new courthouse with the fancy columns? Of course not and you never will.

Johnny Quest for Balance

Do you have an Obama-Meter or a Harry Reid-O-Meter? What about a Pelosi-O-Meter?

Not Florida enough? How about a Bill Nelson-O-Meter?

What the people need is a Politifact-O-Meter to gauge the bias.


Politifact: Who Made Them The Arbiter Of The Truth?




How about a Crist O-METER? Like I will always be a life long Republican for starters?


If the "balance" seekers actually knew what they were talking about they might know the politifactcheck checks both and all parties. Stupid check...not so much. Please stop critizing that which you obviously have no knowledge of.


Jeez, how uninformed can you people be? Here you are commenting on a politics blog, yet you're totally unfamiliar with PolitiFact. Let's see, two Crist haters and an Obama hater. Why are the haters the least well-informed? Sigh. Folks, PolitiFact has had an Obameter rating his promises kept/broken for almost two years. If you don't know that, then it's apparent you are just here to spread bile.


Hey everyone, Politifact has an Obama meter, don't just read a herald article and then make your conclusions. I for one, can't wait to see what he actually does that he promises but such is politics.


the comments posted by these ignorant people (and let's not beat around the bush...they ARE ignorant) should be used for the Florida Retard-o-meter.
How in the world does someone DARE to use "is there an Obama-meter?" to support an argument which does not even exist to begin with?

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