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Investigators probe Rep. David Rivera's expensive thank-you campaigns

After dropping out of a state Senate race last year to run for Congress, David Rivera set aside tens of thousands of dollars from his dormant Senate campaign account to say ``thank you'' to supporters of a race he never intended to finish.

Rivera paid the money to a company called ACH Fundraising Strategies -- a Miami-based business founded by the daughter of a longtime aide. He cut a $50,000 check to ACH on July 15, 2010 -- the day before the firm was incorporated as a business.

Those ``thank you campaign'' dollars to ACH are now being scrutinized as part of an expanding criminal investigation of the Republican congressman's personal and campaign accounts by Miami-Dade police and prosecutors, The Miami Herald has learned.

Rivera, who was elected to Congress in November after eight years in the Florida Legislature, declined to be interviewed for this article. In a statement issued through his campaign office, Rivera said all his expenses were proper, though he neither provided details of what ACH did for the money, nor any records verifying the expenses.

``It has always been campaign policy not to disclose details related to campaign strategies and tactics, past, present or future,'' the statement said. ``The campaign reports speak for themselves. All information provided was accurate and all expenses properly reported.''

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Cynical Idealist

Methinks the Herald is trying to fan an ember into a forest fire. Rivera isn't a babe in the woods when it comes to political chicanery, but having known him a long time, he's not on purpose going to do anything illegal.

George Fuller

Does the word Nepotism ring a bell? Or sleazy?

It figures

Well, it figures that Cynical Idealist would support David Rivera. Now the posts on other blogs make a lot more sense. Stupid is as stupid does and birds of a feather flock together.

David has it coming to him. Can't wait to see his mug shot.

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