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Jeb Bush on the Hispanic vote and Republicans

In a Miami Herald op-ed, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush talks about the need for Republicans and the conservative movement to reach out to Hispanics. But there are challenges, he writes:

"...conservatives continue to get unacceptably low support among Hispanic voters nationally. According to the Pew Hispanic Center, only 38 percent of Hispanics voted Republican in the 2010 congressional elections. In fact, center-right candidates have failed to win more than 40 percent of the Hispanic vote nationally since 2004. While the reason for such low numbers is debatable, the way to turn them around is clear: a long-term commitment to outreach and better articulation of our values by conservative leaders. I don't think 40 percent of the Hispanic vote can be our ceiling if we plan to impact our nation in the coming decades.

The good news is that in the Hispanic community, there is real opportunity. But conservatives have to commit to serious and sustained engagement. Hispanics are one of the fastest growing ethnic groups in the country and will continue to play an important role in future elections and the future of our country. This past election was a sign that the Hispanic community is willing to listen to a center-right message. The question now is whether the center-right movement is willing to listen to and engage the Hispanic community."



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As Governor Rick Scott moves Florida to be more like Arizona, embracing dangerous anti-immigrant sentiments, the Republican Party of Florida seems comfortable being entrenched in divisive cultural and social rhetoric.
Racial profiling which will follow any adoption of Arizona style immigration laws will be devastating to our tourism and trade economy and South Florida's status as a gateway to Latin America.
Republicans in Florida just don't get it and don't want to either.
You can't just try to appeal to Hispanics through rhetoric, you actually have to put forth policies that benefit their communities.


What other position can Bush take?.......He's married to a Mexican..just a fact.

Bush was part of the past 15 years of Republicans in charge in the state that have blocked immigration legislation for the past 15 years.

Now we have Cannon who is sending out signals he will continue the status quo and throw the 1.1 million unemployed legal workers under the bus...


Bush is just encouraging the repugs to do what they do so very well: LIE and Pretend to care about Latinos in order to get their votes.

i.e. to say all the 'right' words in order to get elected, while continuing to serve their own corporate masters, the richest and most powerful, and their own interests (and wallets).

The repugneocons can easily continue to fool the uneducated white hicks (full of hate and loathing for anything they don't understand who vote against their own economic interests and well-being simply because the rethuglikkans wave flags, god, guns & bibles at them).

However they will not very likely ever be able to fool enlightened Latinos who have seen the right wing racism, hatred and ignorant xenophobia for exactly what it is.

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