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Jeff Atwater bristles at Rick Scott's 'bloated' comment

No, state CFO Jeff Atwater isn't mildly annoyed with Gov. Rick Scott over a comment about his weight.

Rather, Atwater took issue yesterday with his fellow Republican's comment that Florida's $70.4 billion budget was "bloated." Scott wouldn't/couldn't give one example of bloat. Maybe he'll do that on Twitter tonight.

This budget (smaller than former Gov. Jeb Bush's last budget) was passed by the Legislature when Atwater was president of the Senate. So the CFO took the comment somewhat personally. Atwater said he was proud of the budgets created under his direction.

"I thought we were thoughtful and careful and responsible with what we did," he said.



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My name is Jeff and I am a RINO

Of course Atwater was miffed by that comment. RINO's like Atwater love to spend our tax dollars. Jeff Atwater is NO CONSERVATIVE.

Farenheit 451

Scott really needs to have better staff work done. He couldn't name a single ruke he didn't like after he froze all rulemaking. Now he can't point to any example of waste in a budget he deems 'bloated.'

Come on guys, this is Governor 101. Prepare for the inevitable questions.


Atwater is Charlie Crist's successor a the Empty Shirt on the Cabinet. His legislative career was marked by indecision, waffling, and prevarication. These decisions he did make (such as hiring Bud Knapp!) were stupid. Anyone who takes his seriously (besides himself) should check the contents of their own shirt.

pest control

Scott needs to have better staff work done. I agree with Soothsayer. His decisions were stupid. Sorry.

Taxed enough

We can thank that empty suit Atwater for raising taxes. He raised taxes on cigarettes on drivers licenses on vehicle registrations. Jeff Atwater never met a tax he didnt want to hike or fee he didnt want to raise.

Also what does it say when the person regulating banks in this state had his own bank fail.


I thought there was going to be a Tea Bag Revolution? Where's the Revolution? Did I miss it?


Just because he doesn't answer the media's questions the way they would like and he doesn't play their game doesn't mean Scott doesn't know what he is doing, what is bloated and what needs to go. The media will find out in due time - maybe when the rest of us find out - directly from the Governor himself. Oh, how frightening! A Governor that dopesn't need/crave media!!

Wake up stupid

Bottom line, Gollum hasn't a clue and Florida will regret for years the day Gollum bought the Golden ring (Governor's chair). He is like a dictator like his predecessor Jebbie. His policy making regarding the rules freeze was just plain stupid - a product of his ignorance and arrogance. Just wait Flori duh...you ain't seen stupid yet. The budget serves a purpose and you stupid teabaggers don't get it....if you don't spend money on services; regulating environment, good schools, criminal justice, tourism will tank (remember the tourist that were shot); who will want to relocate their business in a state where schools fail, pollution is rampant because of deregulation, and crime is high..... This stuff isn't rocket science.... Flori DUH!

Mike Lane

People want to see a governor in the flesh who can think on his feet, not some twit.

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