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Lil Tobacco takes to Cuban radio in cig-tax war

Dosal Tobacco, an Opa-Locka based cigarette maker of the low-cost 305s brand, is taking to the air waves in Miami over fear that a tax pushed by Big Tobacco is getting surprising legs in the Senate. (Background here).

The translation of the Spanish-language ad is here (though you've got to listen to the thing to get a sense of how ominous Dosal is making this all out to be Download Dosal)

Once again, the powerful tobacco companies, from outside of Florida, are asking the legislature for their help. Their goal: To destroy Dosal, a local company, by raising a tax that only applies to Dosal and a handful of other companies.

 This tax increase would close Dosal’s doors and would result in the loss of hundreds of jobs. If this happens the only beneficiaries will be the powerful tobacco companies and who’ll get hurt, the hundreds of families that depend on Dosal.

Our State Representatives and State Senators have taken on these powerful special interests in the past and we urge them to continue fighting against this unfair tax.

We’re committed to keeping our community informed on this important matter.



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how can legislator raise taxes on just one company? Please tell me this is a joke. If you raise taxes on dosal, raise them on everyone.

Juana Sanches

I can't buy my daily 305's 2-pack if they raise prices


Is Dosal saying that their cigarettes cause cheaper heart attacks and less irreparable harm through second-hand smoke? Dosal should pay their fair share for the damage their cigarettes do to peoples’ health.

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