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Lincoln Diaz-Balart: GOP can't win if perceived as anti-immigrant

Former U.S. Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart told the Hispanic Leadership Network conference Friday that even if the party's policy positions appeal to Hispanic voters, the GOP will not gain power if people think of it as anti-immigrant.

"If we become perceived as an anti-immigrant party, America, being a country of immigrants, will never allow us to be the majority party," said Diaz-Balart, a Miami Republican who retired last year.

Legislation that tackles most of the thorny issues of immigration reform has already been drafted in Congress by a secret work group, he added, but politicking has kept the proposal from seeing the light of day. Diaz-Balart criticized Democrats for failing to bring forth immigration reform forward, though Republicans failed to get anything passed on the issue when they controlled Congress and the White House.

"I think this issue can be tackled," Diaz-Balart said. "But the decibels have to lowered. Respect has to be the number one priority."


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FL Dem Ninja

Its not a perception but a reality.

George Fuller

Same tired old rhetoric......The fastest growing segment of the population (chain migration, anchor babies and illegal aliens........

If we don't change our laws to accommodate them we will lose........yadayadayada

George Fuller

What is he going to say after we get mandatory e-verify for all businesses in Florida and illegal aliens are denied employment.......and they self-deport?


George Fuller

Always question people who use terms like CAN'T OR NEVER.


Strange how the open-border, anti-American crowd never seems to be able to say the word "illegal".

I don't think anyone is anti-immigration, just anti-ILLEGAL immigration.

Van Cliburn

I need someone to spell this out for me in simple terms that even a Labrador Retriever could understand. Why is it that so-called "Hispanic voters" are so heavily in favor of Mr. Obama (and Democrats in general, for that matter)? I keep hearing that for the most part "Hispanics" are religious (mostly Catholic), hard-working and family-oriented. Hispanic Americans are no less "American" than anyone else and our border & immigration laws are in place to protect the nation as a whole...i.e., ALL Americans...including those of "Hispanic" origin. The popular notion is that Republicans are more inclined to enforce border & immigration laws over Democrats.

It's fair to assume that Hispanic Americans (and I HATE such a broad-brush, stereotypical term, actually) are proud Americans like anyone else! Why would they (or members of any other ethnic group) be against the legitimate enforcement of laws that are intended to safeguard the rights, liberties and mutual responsibilities of all American citizens? And yes, I do believe that there are responsibilities associated with the rights and liberties bestowed upon us as citizens of this country...pursuant to our Constitution, as opposed to..."I'm entitled to such and such, but don't tell me what I can and cannot do in this country". What incentive would there be for ANYONE to strive to become an American citizen (legally) if there are no laws, common values, hurdles, etc., which in no way minimize who we are as individuals?

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