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Marco Rubio in Afghanistan, gets "rare glimpse" of Afghan National Army unit

NATO Training Mission Afghanistan reports that the Florida senator and six other Republican senators got to see an Afghan National Army unit demonstrate "its proficiency to a multi-national audience" -- Sunday at the Kabul Military Training Center.

The site says the senators "took the opportunity to interact with the ANA soldiers that had staged the proficiency demonstration. The attendees included Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, Lindsey Graham  of South Carolina, Richard Burr of North Carolina, Marco Rubio of Florida, Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire.

"The demonstration featured a situational training exercise in which a company-sized ANA element staged a dismounted ambush against another ANA element posing as the enemy for demonstration purposes."

Like Rubio, Toomey, Johnson and Ayotte were elected to the Senate in November.


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Voice of Sanity

What a waste of jet fuel.


Hmm Is Marco scouting the Area for another site to build another Taj Mahal Courthouse Tallahassee style?

Saint Petersblog

Just want to point out that I scooped that Marco Rubio was going to Afghanistan on January 9... http://bit.ly/dR0l9w

Average Joe

Is Rubio already taking unnecessary trips? No surprise there, what a waste of taxpayer money. He has never spent a day in a military uniform, what does he know about what the military needs?


Did they show Rubio the nasty facilties the US Military leave at? Don't waste money taking these people there, put that money into better facilities. Rooms, bathrooms etc...


Was he wearing his Marines uniform? The one he wore when fighting in Hialeah.... Did he ever his mortgage?


I wonder if he will go on the battlefield like Allen West suggested that the President should.


I am not sure what business Marco has in Afghanistan unless he is looking for potential voters. The Afghans are better at making dogs and rugs than fighting. Looking at pictures of them it would take 32 Afghan men to come up with a full mouth of teeth!

As far as Rubio I think he should start his Senatorship by not Plssing away taxpayer dollars by going the free trip route. There is absolutely nothing in Afghanistan which is applicable to Florida. The place can be likened to Miami and Haiti!


Another photo op! Let's get to work, where's the jobs?


Is he still running away from Fidel?


If Marco in my Polo, really wants to help why doesn't he enlist. The only thing we need to know about Afghanistan is how to get out. Save the money for benefits for true warriors.

Juana Maria

And this trip is going to bring how many jobs to Florida, how many homes will not go into foreclosure because of this trip. What a waste of human resources and what an insult to anybody's intelligence to think this trip is necessary to make any difference on anything wahtsoever.

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