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Marco Rubio: "Why do we need" the Tea Party Caucus?

Sen. Marco Rubio doesn't sound like he's jumping at the chance to belong to the Tea Party Caucus -- though his office said today he will join the Senate Steering Committee -- a group of senators that meets regularly to discuss and promote conservative legislation and policies -- its chaired by Sen. Jim DeMint -- one of the three founders of the Senate's Tea Party Caucus.  Miami Herald story here. Shark Tank video and blog on it here


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Th media always portrays Rbio as a Tea Party candidate, yet one of it's key leaders said that Rubio never really was entirely embraced by the movement.


Get Real

The Tea Bagger Party will hold any Hispanic politician suspect because they have so many racist members. Marco is smart enough to understand this and that such "movements" (remember Ross Perot's huge following that defeated Bush #1?) are naturally transient. Handing his political future over to them doesn't assure his re-election, much less create a long term career in national politics.

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