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Miami archbishop, CANF praise Cuba policy changes

Miami Archbishop Thomas Wenski declared himself pleased with the Obama administration's changes to U.S. Cuba policy, calling the moves "a step in the right direction."

"The United States Catholic Conference of Bishops has worked tirelessly for years with White House representatives promoting greater contact between people of Cuba and the free world," Wenski said in a statement.

The Cuban American National Foundation also applauded the measures.

"A greater ability to send remittances in conjunction with increased contact and communication with those on the island will help to break the chains of dependency that the Castro regime has traditionally used to oppress those inside Cuba," CANF President Francisco "Pepe" Hernandez said in a statement.

"It is significant that these measures do not represent a concession to the Castro regime, but rather form part of a continuing series of unilateral measures that the US is taking which demonstrate a concern for the well being of ordinary folks," he added.


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South Florida Cuban

The Catholic church and the Cuban America National Foundation support this humanitarian policy change by President Obama. The Cuban American community at large will see the value of promoting change within Cuba by being ambassadors for democracy and the rule of law.


funny, CANF once lobbied to tighten the rules and opposed "unilateral measures". the cuban people will be oppressed just like the chinese people regardless of how much money flows to the island, regardless of how many visitors visit the beaches (or the Great Wall), regardless of people to people contact. do you really believe Cubans need to know more about the outside world? they all want to leave Cuba already anyway. they already know the outside world is better. what they need to do is rise up and oppose the regime just like the Tunisians did this week, just like the South Africans, Czechs, Poles, Nicaraguans, east germans...

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