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More nastiness in GOP chair race

It may be the most important election for Florida GOP chairman that Republicans have had in decades, and it’s getting more and more ugly.

First opponents of Hillsborough Republican chairwoman Deborah Cox-Roush spread the word that the leading candidate for state party chairwoman was arrested for drunk driving six years ago and had financial problems. Now someone is going after another leading candidate, former state Rep. David Bitner of Monticello.

An anonymous packet dropped at the St. Petersburg Times shows that in 1999 Bitner’s wife Wendy sought a domestic violence injunction, accusing Bitner of "pushing her around his office" and leaving bruises on her arms. The petition, later dismissed at Mrs. Bitner’s request, says that in 1997 Bitner also pinned her to the floor and choked her "to the point of near unconsciousness."

"I can tell you those things did not happen. It (the court petition) was done on a heated day and in a heated moment. I was very young, and I was irresponsible,’’ Wendy Bitner, who recently celebrated her 20th anniversary, told the Times/Herald Thursday. "It did not happen. I was upset, and its a shame that someone is sensationalizing problems somebody had in their marriage."

By many accounts Bitner and Cox-Roush are the leading candidates heading into the Jan. 15 election for state party chairman, with Sarasota Chairman Joe Gruters also in the mix. Pinellas Chairman Tony DiMatteo and Palm Beach Chairman Sid Dinerstein also are running and have their own bases of support.

Bitner said he didn't even know any record existed on the dismissed 1999 injunction, so he never mentioned it. "I understand that all of a sudden that the stakes in this race have become so high that some people are desperate and they'll do anything,'' he said. "The person who's being so vindictive, they have to live with themselves. We have our priorities straight."

The bitter election comes after the turbulent tenure of Jim Greer - and a hugely successful election cycle - and the stakes are especially high with this election. Not only is it a presidential election cycle, but the next chairman will grapple with redistricting and be in the national spotlight with the GOP convention in Tampa.


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Might want to ask him how a 17 year old was drunk when he visited him when he served as a state representative as well.


Statement by Joe Gruters on recent negative articles, allegations, and attacks in the campaign to become the next Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida:

In almost every campaign, tensions rise as the election gets closer and the race tightens up. The campaign for Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida is no different. This has recently led to some Republicans attacking other Republican candidates for Chairman. This is unacceptable behavior and you will not see it from my campaign.

The Obama machine will be difficult to defeat in 2012. In order to give our state the best possible chance to deliver a victory for the Republican nominee & secure the presidency for our country, we must ensure that the Republican Party of Florida does not fracture and damage during the campaign for Chairman.

Keep this in mind during the Chairman campaign: While Republicans may have some disagreements from time to time, the difference between a Republican and a Democrat is like night and day. We MUST stick together and focus on our shared end goal, Republican victory.

For this reason, I ask that when confronted with negative information & campaigning, you take a step back and remember Reagan's 11th Commandment:
"Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican"

-Joe Gruters


This race is a complete cluster****.
Why can't the RPOF just have normal candidates.


because RPOF not normal

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the day you went away

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