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PPP survey: Rick Scott's "really bad off"

Public Policy Polling, which often polls for Democrats but has done a solid job of survey work, issued a report on the perceptions of new governors, and it shows Florida's Rick Scott is still rather unpopular.

According to PPP's blog:

Scott's the one who's really bad off with only 33% of voters seeing him positively to 43% with an unfavorable opinion. He has very little appeal to Democrats and independents and even within his own party less than half of voters rate him favorably. Although Scott's numbers are bad they are actually slightly better than they were right before the election, indicating that some voters are giving him a second chance as he prepares to take office.




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Kathy Bass

Must be a partisan poll. Everyone I've talked to loves his ideas and the fact that he is PRO business may bring Florida out of the doldrums economy-wise.

Close Observer

We can only hope that Mr. Scott can stop some of the kingdom building foolishness in tallahassee. We pay for the Taj Mahal Courthouse excesses and 'agency ifrastructures" that are truly PR and (mis)management devices to promote the department or agency head, while we cut the real workers in pay, all to keep the "leaders" safe and comfortable. How many DOT managers actually ever designed, built or maintained a road? How many of the social services agency leaders or accountants actually held a hand or truly helped the ones the purport to serve? The waste in government is there, but only a close review will reveal what is going on. We can actually sell or give away the assets like planes, the real money is in the bureaucracy that each agency head wants for themselves instead of finding better ways to do business.

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