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Rep. Garcia wears passport to protest immigration bill

Garcia As conservatives push forward with a plan to bring an Arizona-style immigration law to Florida, Miami Rep. Luis Garcia has donned a form of protest in the state Capitol: His passport.

Garcia said the proposal, which would require police in some circumstance to check a suspect's immigration status, is tentamount to ethnic or racial profiling that eventually will make Hispanics, Haitians and other immigrants feel unwelcome and subject to search. So he's walking around with his papers on display.

Supporters of the bill point to explicit language banning racial profiling, but Garcia and many others say it's not enough.

"With my accent, police will definitely ask if I'm a citizen," he said. Earlier in the House Democrats caucus meeting, he joked that he'll be questioned if he simply travels to the North Florida district of Leonard Bembry, D-Madison.