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Rick Scott suggests creating a Department of Commerce

Florida Gov. Rick Scott said this morning that he wants to create a "Department of Commerce" to streamline economic development efforts in the state.

"We're looking at how we make government work better," Scott said at the annual meeting of Enterprise Florida.

"One thing I'm going to do - I'm going to work with the legislature to do this - I want to streamline how we do economic development," he said.

"What I want to do is set up a Department of Commerce. I'm going to have the secretary of that office in my office - two doors from my office. And I want them to be the ones to work with Enterprise Florida, they'll work with OTTED and work with the Agency for Workforce Innovation."


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Let's see, Legislation passed in 1997 dismantled the Florida Department of Commenerce (FDC) to streamline economic development activities and move its programs into several public/private partnerships all responsible for a segment of economic development, Most of the partnerships have representation on the EFI board of directors....FDC is the parent of OTTED, Enterprise Florida, Workforce Florida, Tourism Florida, Black Business Investment Board, and the Florida Sports Foundation...Under several Governor's (Adams, Graham and Martinez) the Lt.Governor served as the agency head of FDC. Interesting ........


It troubles me that these 1980s ideas are being recycled like this. I support the Governor, but is there anyone around his staff that is aware of why it was abolished in the first place? It was a terrible business model.

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