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Scott says he'll consider rolling the dice to bring casinos to Florida

Gov. Rick Scott said Thursday he will consider allowing Las Vegas-style casino resorts in Florida, opening the door for promoters to move swiftly ahead with legislation this year that would end the decades-old ban on the high stakes games.

Promoters expect a hearing as early as next week in the Florida Senate on the proposal that could bring ``destination casinos'' to Miami Beach, Tampa and as many as three other locations. The term refers to the high-end casinos being built around the globe that feature entertainment, retail malls and convention space in addition to blackjack tables, roulette wheels and slot machines.

Scott said Thursday he is open to the proposals even though while running for governor he rejected the expansion of gambling.

``As you know, I've said in the campaign that I don't want our revenue dollars to be tied to gaming,'' Scott told the Miami Herald/St. Petersburg Times. ``We've already approved gaming in the state, so we'll look at it going forward.'' More here.


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We HAVE casinos in Florida now. So I have a hard time understanding how anyone can object without shutting down what we have now. I do not hang out in them because they have escaped the ban on indoor smoking and smell like ashtrays.


Hey Rick, I am sure you will do a great job for Florida and I will support you any way I can. I would suggest you re-consider the "CASINO" situation, in that it has been a boon to many in Ca. Construction jobs galore(NO UNIONS PLEASE!), employment by the casinos in the THOUSANDS! And go full bore, all the way, destination type HOTELS/CASINOS. People are going to gamble somewhere, why not here! And do it without the hundreds of ILLEGALS handing out pictures of naked ladies on the street! Make that UNLAWFUL! The jobless rate will plummet! And YOU will be a hero! Lets just do it the right way! Talk to Steve Wynn, one of the smartest guys in the world!!!

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