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Sex-lube slip-up draws laugh during fake marijuana-ban debate

Jacksonville Sen. Steve Wise, R-Jacksonville, will readily acknowledge he's not the hippest guy. So when a reporter asked him about the fake-pot substance called K2, he was baffled.

``I thought it was some type of jelly or something,'' he said, eliciting chuckles Tuesday from the Senate Criminal Justice Committee audience who thought he confused it with KY lubricant.

That aside, the whole fake-pot situation is pretty weird. The stuff sounds far worse than the real stuff and inevitable result of the drug war. It's sold over the counter at some stores, and now there's fake cocaine and fake meth. North Florida sheriffs are already in battle mode. And Sen. Chris Smith is wondering if blunts should be banned. That effort won't be met with much enthusiasm from one Florida business: Swisher Sweets, whose King variety cigars are a fav of some weed smokers.

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