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The RPOF circular firing squad continues

Palm Beach County Republican Chair Sid Dinerstein, c'mon down! Anonymous emailer wants you to get whacked along with the other candidates for Republican chairman:

From: bocagop <bocagop@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, Jan 12, 2011 at 2:49 PM
Subject: A Vote for Dinerstein will put the final nail in the RPOF Coffin

--- Much has been said over the past few weeks regarding the front runners of the RPOF Chairman’s race. All but one candidate has been negatively attacked through “anonymous” mailers. That lone candidate is Sid Dinerstein of Palm Beach County. If you noticed, the only time Dinerstein is mentioned is when he, conveniently, is the only one commenting asking for this type of politics to stop.

It all started back in the end of November when an anonymous mailer was sent to each of you showing the contributions made by Sid and the other frontrunners. In this mailer Dinerstein was exalted for being an excellent donor and an excellent fundraiser. Dinerstein later claims, “I did not send out that mailer.” That is probably true. However Dinerstein’s recent re-election as Chairman over the Palm Beach County REC would suggest that Dinerstein is incredibly involved. During Dinerstein’s race for re-election- Dinerstein’s self identified political assassin Jack Furnari (appointed to the board of directors by Dinerstein) was the author to graphic mailer (depicting the Jonestown massacre) which was reported to have been sent to the young children of Dinerstein’s only opponent.

According to news media, Dinerstein faced a hotly contested re-election over the Palm Beach County Republican Party because several people that Dinerstein appointed to the board of directors to the Republican Party of Palm Beach County either, a) Refused to sign the loyalty oath or b) violated their oaths by supporting democrats in contested races where a republican as present.

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He has someone in his organization down there who is very good at sending out those types of emails.

john don

This Bitner guy probably did it. Look at his past! 5 marriages, alleged wife beater, and his daughter hates the guy.


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