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Arlene DiBenigno heading to FL Senate

Former Jeb Bush/Charlie Crist/Rick Scott campaign aide Arlene DiBenigno is scheduled to start work Monday in the Florida Senate as the chamber's director of minority outreach, a new position. DiBenigno replaces Terry Rhodes, who's retiring, and will earn $75,000.



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Bad Move

Oh Boy, Hari really stepped in it now. She is despised far and wide.

Glad I don't work in the senate

And today, around the SOB, all female staffers under 30 are officially terrified.

She is a horrible person

What is with her? Why is she such a mean and nasty person?


Idiots! Jealous, are we?

Trey Johnson

Nobody's jealous, I don't think.

There's a good reason that this particular individual is so hated. It is because the people around her seem to believe that she treats people terribly. Nobody else gets this treatment online.

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