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Bill filed to drug test some welfare recipients

Sen. Steve Oelrich, R-Gainesville, has filed a bill that would require convicted drug felons to take a drug test before they could receive welfare cash assistance. The bill, SB 556, and it's House companion, puts a campaign promise of Gov. Rick Scott's In the Works. Though Oelrich, a former Alachua County sheriff, didn't know it was on Scott's radar. Read more here.


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Get Real

It only makes sense to drug test the Governor and his staff, the Legislature and their staffers and the State Supreme Court and their staffers to assure us that they are just crazy and not stoned when they make so many insane decisions. They are all recipients of government welfare, too.

Drug Test Friend

I totally agree with the notion that state employees should be included in the new drug testing policy. I just don't understand how a bill can be passed that only targets a particular social group.

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