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Connie Mack and the Valentine's Day "lobby of love"

The Sunlight Foundation reports the Fort Myers Republican -- said to be interested in challenging Bill Nelson for the Senate -- and his wife, Mary Bono Mack, are "using love to attract some special interest honey..."

The pair is holding a fundraiser today -- a "couples-themed, early-evening, wine bar event." The foundation quotes GOP fundraiser Rob Jennings as saying the pair wanted to put on an event for other couples.

"They thought it would be fun to have a one hour reception before votes and try to get people together to celebrate Valentine’s Day," he added. The event is also an occasion for PAC representatives and lobbyists to let the congressman know their love equals $1,000. But, Jennings said, the event is just like many others in the nation’s capital."

Mack spoke Saturday at the conservative forum, CPAC, attacking Venezuela's Hugo Chavez.


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