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Corrections workers applaud question to Scott about pay cuts

A Florida Department of Corrections worker received an ovation from her colleagues Monday after she asked a pointed question to Gov. Rick Scott about state employees taking it on the chin again this year.

Scott is visiting state agencies around Tallahassee and encourages workers to ask questions at the end of his tours. Few do.

Here was the question from the DOC employees (we couldn't find her afterward to get her name):

You said to hold you accountable. State employees have seen, since the Bush Administration, a reduction in state employees. I have been with this agency for many years. And I've seen where our staff has been significantly cut. We are required to do more with less. State employees haven't received a raise in five or six years. You're asking us to contribute to our pension plan and contribute more to our insurance. My question is simple: What have you required for the wealthiest Floridians to contribution to the state revenues?

Scott ignored the applause and spent the next seven minutes not answering her question. (Listen to the here.)

Instead, Scott attempted a quick lesson in capitalism.

"If you work in the private sector, here's the things you have to do: You're overhead has to come down each and every year as a percentage of revenues. Every year. That has not happened in state government," he said.

Scott went on to talk about WalMart, China, taxes in Illinois and competing for business with Texas.

No one applauded when he finished.


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Recall/impeach Rick Scott !

I was there

As an employee of the Department of Corrections and being there, Governor Scott completely ignored the question. It was a fine moment for all state workers. This goes to show you that these meeting with agencies are just a side-show. His behavior is hypocritcal, he tells state workers that they work hard, deserve better pay, and are not appreciated; all the while stabbing them in the back. He is a disgaceful Governor.


I'm sure the worker did not want to be identified by the press. This worker and her comrades need to understand that their side lost the election. But they won't.


There's other way's to cut the budjet of the D.O.C. with out laying off people. Just by cutting from what is now 85 percent of the time that nonviolent crimnal's spend in jail to 65 percent would save millions.Florida has some of the highest sentencing in the United States.The state clams to spend 80 to 100 thousand dollar's a year to house one inmate.

Its all about money

The republicans are setting up the country for class warfare...the middle class and poor versus the rich. All I can say is, remember what happened during the French Revolution!

True to Form

The dynamics were typical. Management required to be there sat on the front row. The butt kissers with no integrity sat up front behind management, begging to be seen. The rest of us were repulsed by what we had to listen to - all smoke and mirrors to justify our demise.


He really needs to get it that the government is not in business to make money, we are here to serve people. Who are we going to make a bottom line profit off of. I work for Corrections and I don't see any institution selling anything except out of vending machines to employees, or the public for that matter. WE ARE NOT IN THIS TO MAKE A PROFIT AS WALMART OR K-MART ARE, WHY CAN'T HE SEE THIS?

Annoyed State Worker

Excellent question, and the fact that the governor just flat-out ignored it shows that he is a weasel of the worst sort.

Here's hoping HB 787 and HJR 785 pass this session; if they do, I'll sign the first recall petition in a heartbeat.

Mauricio Lamas

Am trying to understand is the state prison system differ from counties.

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