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GOP's Roger Stone calls for David Rivera to step down

Courtesy the GOP-leaning blog The Shark Tank, Republican operative Roger Stone opines that: "Newly elected Republican Congressman David Rivera must resign because his multiple illegal actions undermine the Speaker’s pledge to run an honest and transparent House. Contrary to the Speaker’s assertion, Rivera initially misled on his House financial disclosure forms about receiving $132,000 from a company run by his elderly Mother. The House thus has the power to discipline him. Those who criticized the House for just censuring Charlie Rangel must now expel Rivera if he won't resign."

Thomas Spencer's letter calling for Rivera to come clean ran in today's Miami Herald.


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he should he is an embarrassment and should be ashamed of what he has done.

j.dodge breigh

Roger Stone is a freak. Google his name. He also does not understand congressional regulations. Their is no cause for House action based on the information currently out on Rivera. Further, there is no cause for action based on amending financial disclosure forms which is allowed by House rules. Stone is a media dog who's desperate for attention. His business has collapsed and he hasn't had a winning client in years. Pathetic goofball.

milos of croton

Stone is a well-know dirty tricks specialist who started with Nixon and recently had his career stalled as a political consultant when he was accused of domestic abuse and also photographed at the 2010 NYC gay pride parade.
Who is he to judge anyone?

What a disgrace Rivera is

So, all you can do David is attack someone who call you out on your bad behavior? You, sir, are pathetic.

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