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Grand jury: Crack down on tax cheats to lower Florida's budget deficit

A Miami Dade grand jury released its report today blasting the state's sales tax collection system and concluded: "We discovered that a number of merchants all over the state are pocketing tax money they have collected from their customers."

It concluded the Department of Revenue's reliance on the honor system "is not working" and urged the Legislature to give them more auditors and enforcement officials. The focus should crack down on certified public accounts, do more verification through third party sources and increase the number of taxpayer audits. Read the report here: Download Miami Dade grand jury


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Rob Mac

This story dovetails well with what is going on in the UK right now. From Alternet: "[...]Instead of letting the government cut our services and increase our taxes, the people demand that it cut the endless and lavish aid for the rich and make them pay the massive sums they dodge in taxes."
“What really struck me is that when we explained our reasons, ordinary people walking down Oxford Street were incredibly supportive,” says Alex Miller, a 31-year-old nurse. “People would stop and tell us how they were terrified of losing their homes and their jobs—and when they heard that virtually none of it had to happen if only these massive companies paid their taxes, they were furious. Several people stopped what they were doing, sat down and joined us. I guess it’s at that point that I realized this was going to really take off.”

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