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Haridopolos on high speed rail: "No means no."

Senate President Mike Haridopolos made the following statement after U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood extended the high speed rail funding decision another week:

"Adding another week to the deadline for Florida to take $2.4 billion to build high speed rail won’t change my mind. No means no. Why is Washington working so hard to spend money it doesn’t have? Instead of letting that money burn a hole in his pocket, Secretary LaHood should send it back to the federal treasury. As our state and country continue to recover from a serious economic downturn, those who were elected to represent its citizens should make a serious commitment to reduce spending and have the ability to decide between our wants and our needs. Again, I say no thank you to the federal government’s offer."


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Glad to see Mike Haridopolos continuing to take a stand on this, even leading the Gov in again saying No!


Hey Rick Scott and the other GOoPers:

Can you please, PLEASE explain to me how rejecting this money will create those 700,000 jobs you were campaigning on? Or was that to say how many openings would be created after this budget is gutted? Hypocrites.


Seems like Hair Polo has broken the law by doing this.

Randall McMurphy

@Bravo -- Taking a STAND?!?!? You do remember, before he decided to run for national office and pander to the tea party, Haridopolos was a YES vote.

wiser American

Hold firm there, Mike! We in Washington state need to get some of that money.

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