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Ileana Ros-Lehtinen on Egypt's future: Reject the Muslim Brotherhood

The House Foreign Affairs Committee chair on Mubarak's departure in Egypt: "Now that the immediate demands of the Egyptian people have been met, steps must be taken for the prompt commencement of a calm and orderly transition process towards freedom and democracy in Egypt.  

"This transition must include constitutional and administrative reforms, starting with the repeal of the emergency laws. These are necessary for legitimate, democratic, internationally-recognized elections to take place with peaceful, responsible actors who will not only advance the aspirations of the Egyptian people, but will continue to enforce Egypt’s international obligations.

"The Egyptian military can continue to play a constructive role in providing for security and stability during this transformational period. The U.S. and our allies must focus our efforts on helping to create the necessary conditions for such a transition to take place. We must also urge the unequivocal rejection of any involvement by the Muslim Brotherhood and other extremists who may seek to exploit and hijack these events to gain power, oppress the Egyptian people, and do great harm to Egypt’s relationship with the United States, Israel, and other free nations."


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Jonathan Wright

Ms Ros-Lehtinen is not in a position to decide who takes part in the political life of Egypt. The Egyptian people have already decided that the Muslim Brotherhood has a right to take part and Ms Ros-Lehtinen merely reinforces the perception of American arrogance and selectivity about democracy by such statements. To call the Brotherhood 'extremist' merely reflects her ignorance. Egyptians will decide for themselves what relations they have with the United States and Israel. Egypt is no longer a subject nation.

Juana Maria

Egyptians are the only ones that have the right to decide what they want. We have no right to interfere with their decisions. But of course, none of our politicians live in Egypt.

Robert Noval

Given the position she holds,it is more than inconceiveable that my congressional rep. is so ignorant as to entertain such belief.

Some truth about the Muslim Brotherhood:

"Fear Not the Muslim Brotherhood Boogeyman"

Feb 15, 2011 By Juan Cole


"A Primer on the Muslim Brotherhood"
Adam Serwer February 10, 2011


---The Bikemessenger

Juana Maria

We still do not learn our lessons, do we? Still trying to sell our philosophies and systems to the world. I do not believe we are currently a good example of what a country should be or should act like. Let's clean our own house first. Let's get rid of all the corruption we have and then let's preach some.

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