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Is Rick Scott's budget printed on bathroom tissue?

The old Capitol saying that the executive proposes and the legislative disposes is looking truer than ever with Gov. Rick Scott's budget. On Tuesday, state lawmakers acted as if the proposal was printed on bathroom tissue, and they blew their collective noses in it, saying Scott hasn't given them enough detail, is asking for too big a cut in education, wants them to unconstitutionally pass a two-year budget (Constitution says Legislature should pass an annual budget), wants them to budget Medicaid savings that might not exist.....

Expect it to last a little while longer.

This morning, in the Senate's budget committee, senators have questioned the budget from all angles: raiding local healthcare money, budgeting potentially phantom savings, cutting the wrong taxes (Sen. John Thrasher wants recent taxes on drivers lowered instead), pushing a budget that could cost jobs (Sen. Mike Fasano said a $200m transportation cut will put people out of work), cutting the corporate-tax too deeply (Sen. Eleanor Sobel noted Florida has the 5th lowest tax rate)....

This doesn't mean Scott's budget is dead, but it's precariously close to getting wiped away.

Here's the full story.


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