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J.D.'s new letter to Rick Scott: show me your “legal authority”

AlexanderLetter1 Gov. Rick Scott is on a political crash course with the Florida Senate’s powerful budget chief, J.D. Alexander, who wrote a letter Tuesday asking the governor to cite the “legal authority” for the way he sold two state planes.

Sen. J.D. Alexander said he believed the Feb. 11 transaction was unlawful because the governor failed to get the Legislature to sign off on the $3.67 million deal and kept some of the money from reaching the state treasury – a highly unusual transaction.

Alexander, who wrote a letter last week saying the deal wasn’t legal, wrote his follow-up Tuesday so that Scott would tell him specifically who advised the governor.

“In your response, please state specifically why this transaction did not violate Article VII, Section 1(c) of the Florida Constitution and Sections… [of] Florida Statutes,” Alexander wrote Tuesday. Alexander says he supports the sale of the planes, but opposes the way the governor handled the deal.

The governor’s office said Tuesday that Scott stands by his previous statements that the transaction was lawful.

“I reviewed that project step by step with our general counsel and we did the right thing,” Scott said Friday. “And it’s exactly what the taxpayers of this state want: they want to make sure that, as governor, I’m going to watch how you spend every dollar.”


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No one should have purchased jets for the governor in the first place. They were abused and unnecessary. If you must fly within Florida, fly with the rest of us on commercial planes. I'm with Gov. Scott on this one.

mme D'Estape

People own the planes for public business.


Sounds like J.D. is mad about the governor cancelling the federal toy train money.

Of course, if Scott doesn't mollify J.D., he might not get the Governor's office budget increased as much as Scott wants in order to do all that luring of businesses and helping create jobs.


Abe---Florida is a $70 billion per year enterprise with 19 million full-time "customers", 80 million part-time "customers...with a territory that is 400 miles wide and 500 miles long...and the headquarters is located in a city with no direct air service to most of the state. Any prudent company would have at least one plane.


The citizens of Florida need to take a closer look at JD Alexander, a member of the ol' establishment and a typical modern-day politician drunk off the punch of his own ego and years of public looting, such that he doesn't realize the error in his stance and that he's effectively turning the spotlight on himself (someone of his ilk doesn't want).
The Gov'na made a good call; he sold one plane, using the proceeds to pay off the other. It's rational fiscal decision, similar to those made day in and day out by hardworking, taxpaying Florida families, that is, except Mr. Alexander apparently.


Again Lord Voltimort does something illeagal and gets away with it, he needs to be tried and convicted of theft, but of course he will plead the 5th another 75 times

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