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Marco Rubio: Obama's response on Libya "inadequate"

The Florida senator in National Review Online on Libya: "In recent days, the world has watched in horror as the Gaddafi regime has brutally massacred its own people for simply expressing their desire to live in a free and peaceful Libya.

"Without hesitation, Americans should condemn the brutal Gaddafi regime and this wanton killing of civilians. We should unflinchingly support the Libyan people’s legitimate demands to build a freer and peaceful country.

 "Unfortunately, the administration’s initial response has been inadequate. Instead of taking the initiative, the administration is relying on other countries and international bodies to lead. For example, it makes no sense to rely on the United Nations Human Rights Council, a body that has long been comprised of and even led by some of the world’s worst human-rights abusers, including Libya."


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rubio should notice there were 600 US citizens stranded in a ferry in Tripoli. his comments border on ignorance. he is not up to being a us senator with that type of comment

the delegate

I have to agree our brothers & sisters were SITTING DUCKS they could have been masacred, our president spoke with responsibility. but then again FLORIDA VOTERS love Rubio ! hahhahahahahaa


man what is the problem with tea partiers ? what does rubio want obama to do ? put those US CITIZENs in the Qadaffi crosshairs ? sarah palin style ? grow up freshman senator


A U.S.-chartered ferry sent to evacuate Americans from Libya remained docked at a sea terminal in Tripoli for a second day, a delay for which the State Department blamed rough weather in the region. Speculation intensified among observers, however, that the Kadafi regime might have been blocking the vessel's departure to provide a human shield...Rubio's response is inadequate, insensitive and idiotic, how was this guy elected to the senate ? oh i forgot he also supports the cuba embargo, the reason there will not be an "egypt" in cuba


Marco Rubio plays politics with the lives of 600 americans trapped in the ferry. sad day for florida and america

Brad Fallon

Yes I think he is talking without concern bout the lives of those Americans stranded. It will jeopardized their lives if the President will retaliate at once.

john king

OMG ! playing politics with the lives of fellow americans, Marco Rubio should be ashamed of his comments and retract immediately

mr. KC


Obama, Bush, Palin and now I have a doctrine on Libya. My opinion, all this is doing is providing a deflection to the sorry state of the affairs in our nation.

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