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Michelle Rhee throws water on Florida public schools

Welcomed as a "movie star" to the state Senate's top public schools committee, former Washington D.C. schools chancellor Michelle Rhee encourage lawmakers to abolish teach tenure laws, fire up to 8 percent of K-12 educators and watch student achievement soar.

"As long as we have practices in place that protect ineffective teachers, we are not going to be able move student achievement," Rhee said.

Sen. Bill Montford, D-Tallahassee, asked Rhee about the recent report from Education Week, that ranked Florida the No. 5 in the country.

"How can we be such an inept public school system and rank so high?" Montford said.

Rhee replied: "Number five in this nation? This nation is not where we need to be in the global marketplace."

Rhee lunched in a Senate conference room with about two dozen lawmakers who peppered her with questions about vouchers, grading principles, longer school days and so-called "paycheck protection" measure, which let teachers opt-out of making political contributions to their unions.

She meets with House lawmakers this afternoon.


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J. R. Thompson

I don't feel that Michelle Rhee is qualified to tell any school district or state how to run its schools. She certainly has no business evaluating teachers. Her unhappy and unsuccessful three years in the classroom hardly gives her enough experience to separate the good teachers from the not so good. Had Rhee been a good teacher, I think she would have stayed in the classroom longer to teach those children that she professes to love. Instead, she ran.


Michelle Rhee is my hero. Only unions, democrats, and bad teachers are afraid. Look who ran in WI, the DEMOCRATS.


How is it that the districts that agree to the unions are not responsible for the contracts? Teachers can't even strike. why not blame the powerful school districts?

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