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National Journal nips at Rivera: Could he make the record books?

National Journal suggests the Miami Republican is the "most likely contender" for the first special election in 2011.

"While both Speaker Boehner and Maj. Ldr. Cantor can say they’re waiting to see 'how this plays out,' they’re going to be forced to issue a definitive statement sooner or later on Rivera," NJ says. "And their argument that no violations occurred while he was in the House will likely fall flat with the electorate."

"At this point, Rivera may not just be at the top of the list for an all-but-certain one-termer, but he could make it into the record books for one of the shortest congressional terms ever served," the Journal says.


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George Fuller

If he had any character he would resign.

What a disgrace Rivera is

True, but we all know what kind of character Mr. Rivera has...


Agreed. He is an utter disgrace.


Rivera will be exonerated. The CIA takes care of its own.

milos of croton

everyone predicted Rivera wouldn't win. he did. everyone who predicted he wouldn't win, now look bad. they're disappointed, they're annoyed, theyre jealous. these same people are now predicting he'll step down early, or resign, or be indicted, or go to jail, or be beat in 2012. maybe Joe Garcia will be convinced by Obama to run again, and maybe he'll ignore his wife and announce his candidacy, and he'll lose a third time. experts, the inteligensia, the media have all been predicting for 20 years that one of the cuban american members of congress would get beaten. there are now three in the House and two in the Senate, and one who just retired after 18 years, completely intact and with great honor and respect.

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