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Politifact says Scott flip-flopped on claim that he would 'keep school budgets the same'

When Scott met with reporters after announcing his budget, he was asked if he had flipped on his campaign rhetoric.

"No, it's not going back on anything I promised," Scott said. "What I said throughout the campaign and what I'm saying today -- any money that came out of state general revenue, we're not cutting that. Any money that they relied on federal bailouts, that is different."

But that's not what Scott said just four days prior in Tampa.

During an announcement where Scott said he would cut local school property taxes, called the required local effort, he was asked specifically about the effect on education funding. Here's the question and answer from Feb. 3, which we just happened to record:

Question: You referred to cuts in the RLE (required local effort) property tax. Do you have a plan to make up that revenue or will the schools take that as a loss?

Scott: "No, my commitment is to make sure the money that they've received they'll get again. Where I'm getting the savings is, I'm reducing the state government. What I'm trying to do is keep the school budgets the same." More here.


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When will Politifact begin reporting on Obama's flip flops?


Do you expect anything less from a former hospital CEO who defrauded the government of millions of dollars and repeatedly took the Fifth Amendment when he was deposed about the scandal? Scott belongs in the penitentiary not the governor's mansion.

Shileeta Buffet

Greg, why cant you respond to the article at hand? There are many sites that look at Obama's and many others') questionable comments. Stope being so paranoid, Floridians will always love and vote for scumbag crooks like Scott, you are totally safe.


Catholic Schools Do it Better



Kathy h

To Greg:

Politifacts does report on President Obama's flip-flops. Review the site. It will show you its opinion about his flip-flops.

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