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Read Mike Haridopolos' apology to the state Senate in ethics case

Last year, I was contacted by the Ethics Commission after they received a complaint regarding the Financial Disclosure forms that we all are required to fill out each year. I was alerted by the Commission to errors that had resulted from me filling out the forms incorrectly in the same way each year between 2004 and 2008. I believed that I had filled out these forms accurately, and as soon as these errors were brought to my attention I filed amended forms to be sure that the correct information was listed.

When the Ethics Commission met on October 22, 2010 the investigator’s report on the case was released, and probable cause was found that I had made these errors. After that report was released, I accepted full responsibility for these mistakes in a proposed stipulation agreement. The Commission voted to accept this agreement at their meeting on December 3, 2010.

Throughouy the process, I answered all questions from the Commission completely and supplied them
with all of the documentation they requested. None of these mistakes were intentional or meant to hide any personal information. To be clear, all of my income over this period was reported on the original forms. Nonetheless, I did not adequately follow the instructions on the forms that were filed and relied on forms from previous years for consistency. All documents now on file with the Ethics Commission are accurate and complete.

While these errors on my forms have been easily corrected, I take this situation very seriously and will embrace whatever is deemed to be the appropriate penalty. I accept responsibility for these errors and
apologize to the members of the Florida Senate. I have learned from this process and have gained a
greater respect for the need for elected officials to remain diligent in their efforts to be transparent with the public.


Mike Haridopolos

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can't remember the last time I saw a Democrat be this accepting of punishment. frankly, wish more politicians would be this honest.

pat jay

What a line of crap. He knew what he was doing. He was deliberately hiding sources of income. There is nothing honest about Dirty Hari.

pat jay

What a line of crap. He knew what he was doing. He was deliberately hiding sources of income. There is nothing honest about Dirty Hari.

Cheese w/ your whine?

We got a $3.62 billion shortfall, and you liberals are losing it over clerical work? I guess y'all really have decided to throw in the towel and give up on debating the issues.

Nothing to Look At Here

He reported the income and there weren't any conflicts with who was paying him. Nothing earth shattering. I am glad to see that an important issue like the Smart Cap bill got one step closer keeping our fiscal house in order! Keep fighting for the taxpayers, not dealing with these tabloid reporters


Smart Cap's one way to keep a shortfall from happening. Kinda sad that the Left not only thinks that's a bad idea, but that they're more interested in making something out of nothing with Haridopolis. And 'reporters' like Marc are cheering them on with bad reporting like this.

hilda knowles

How naive these writers are. If Hari is so dumb he could "forget" to list everything asked for on a form each of FOUR years, then he sure shouldn't be in elected office!

Don't ya'll see that this "apology" was prewritten to answer these charges?

No wonder Florida has an Unindicted Governor and an indicted Sen. Rubio! And their terms have just barely begun! Imagine what they will stuff in their pockets when their terms are up.

I can't WAIT!


And YOU Republicans voted for these and are proud of your votes???


He didn't deny the charges. He hasn't drawn it out into a huge battle. The ethics violations are fixed, they have been changed! That being said, I'm sure the paperwork is tiresome and there's much room for error.

If this is corruption, then I'm sure I'm corrupt - I'm sure my tax forms arn't exactly in line, people make mistakes!

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