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Rick Scott gives more love to Haridopolos (endorsement coming?)

First Senate President Mike Haridopolos starts to warm toward Gov. Rick Scott's tax cuts. Then the U.S. Senate candidate bucks 26 of his own senators and reverses course on his high-speed rail vote in 2009 to side with Scott.

So is that enough to earn an endorsement from Scott? Not right now.

"President Haridopolos is a great candidate," Scott said, "so we’ll watch and see what happens over the next, I guess he’s running for almost two years?"


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George Fuller

Pretty Ironic......Scott puts in Public E-Verify and Haridopolos has Senator Flores who is Chair of the Judiciary (a rookie 33 years old) and on the Board of NALEO Education Fund. They published their stand on immigration......and oppose all local and state immigration laws.

Any immigration bill.....like S 518 sponsored by Sen Hays that would ensure all new hires would be legal workers....will have to go before her committee...let's see if she will even call it up for committee consideration or let it sit for a month so it won't have the time to get through the 2 month session.


No wonder Scott is being nice to Mike. He could only do what he did this week because Mike started the war against tax dollars for trains. Probably feeling pretty grateful to him right now.

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